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Thread: Is "split" a valid command for a string?

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    Is "split" a valid command for a string?

    I does show in red in the IDE , so it does exists, but I get a
    'class String' has no member named 'split'

    Long story short, I am trying to extract values (Floats) from a string based on the space between them

    FromTablet = Serial5.readStringUntil('\n'); gets me:

    g 117.1 230.0 112.9 180.0 54.8 77.7 112.9 0.0 Is my incoming string ended in a newline

    Then I tried
    String AngStr[20] = FromTablet.split(" "); ( found it on some forums...)

    hoping to get a bunch of baby strings containing my values,

    Then I would convert those to Floats such as:

    AngStr_float[1] = AngStr[1].toFloat();

    Any ideas of the most efficient way to do this?
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