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Thread: Audio Recorder, Can't Hear Playback

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    Audio Recorder, Can't Hear Playback


    This is my very first test with the Teensy Audio Library so probably just make a basic error.

    Simply, can't hear any playback from the recording in the Recorder Example. I have tested audio both out of the headphones and the Line Out with a 0.5W speaker.

    All the buttons seem to be working fine (Stop, Play, Record). I checked the SD card and the file RECORD.RAW was written. So it must be something with my mic or output?

    Here is the circuit if it helps:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks x100

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    You can not connect a speaker to lineout.
    Linout is to connect an ampilifier.
    The easiest is probably to connect active PC-Speakers.
    Then, try the other examples and first test if you hear something.
    Try headphones, too.

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    Ah yes okay I will connect the line to some amplification and try again.

    I tried headphones. Any reason why I could not hear anything through headphones? Is there a way in the code to specify line-out versus headphones? Or is it always outputting to both?


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    If the examples do not work, there is something wrong with your hardware. Check the soldering and such things..
    Use the guitar example.

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    The connections to the Teensy's power and ground look to me like you have just stuck the jumper pins in the holes without any solder.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    There also appear to be other connections to the boards which are done like this.
    Connections to those pins on the boards MUST be soldered.


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    It's working well now. Added a 2.5W amplifier to the line out. And most importantly, hooked up an AGC microphone module, which eliminated all the noise.

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