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Thread: Teensyduino and macOS Catalina file permissions

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    Teensyduino and macOS Catalina file permissions

    Hello all,

    I just received my first Teensy (4.0) in the mail today and wanted to apply around with it some this afternoon. I have a Chinese Uno that I've been playing with and have Arduino 1.8.11 already installed with a few libraries and sketches. I installed Teensyduino 1.50 as directed on the download page and found that Arduino would no longer launch. It would get through all of the initialization stages (detecting boards, etc.) past "Starting" and then quit without showing me any of my open sketches. I checked the Mac Console app to look for any issues with Arduino and came across this:

    Sandbox: Arduino(44436) System Policy: deny(1) file-read-data /Users/xxx/Documents/Arduino/Sketch001
    Violation:       System Policy: deny(1) file-read-data /Users/xxx/Documents/Arduino/Sketch001 
    Process:         Arduino [44436]
    Path:            /Applications/
    It appears that even though Arduino asked for access to my Documents folder when I first installed it, installing Teensyduino on top of Arduino breaks the existing permissions I granted to Arduino. Unfortunately macOS does not "re-ask" for me to give it permissions to my Documents folder.

    I then deleted Arduino and reinstalled it without installing Teensyduino. I was able to run Arduino, close my open sketches, then install Teensyduino. This allows me to run Arduino now. Yay! However, I can no longer access any already written files in my Documents folder. I am able to create new documents (so copying/pasting my previous sketches from a text editor to Arduino and then saving them works). However, I cannot compile any of these sketches since they all want to access /Users/xxx/Documents/Arduino/libraries, which throws that same macOS system policy violation.

    Is there an existing/planned fix for this? Or am I doing something wrong?


    I was able to work around that last policy violation by renaming the "libraries" folder, saving a sketch as "libraries", then copying over the folders from the renamed "libraries". I'm assuming that if I trie to actually use any of the libraries in the folder (Adafruit_Circuit_Playground and Servo) that I will run into problems again, but this at least gets me up and running for now. Hopefully this helps someone else...

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    Not a Mac user - but there was a change for new security on updated Mac OS - not sure if that applies here? There is a separate installer assuming the right one was selected from HERE?
    Macintosh OS Software (10.10 - 10.15) 
    Macintosh OS-X Installer (10.7 - 10.14)
    Please post your MacOS version.

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    I'm running macOS 10.15.6. Apparently I got mixed up somewhere along the way since I was pretty sure I had downloaded the correct version of Teensyduino. Apparently not. Redownloading the correct version of Teensyduino (10.10 - 10.15) works fine. Heh. Live and learn.

    Thanks for making me re-verify what I thought I already had correct.

    Now to figure out why my LED matrix isn't behaving the same on my Teensy as it is on my Duo using the same sketch. I'll start a new thread for that.

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