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Thread: Teensy clock speed not saved on per-sketch basis

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    Teensy clock speed not saved on per-sketch basis

    I'm working on a low-power logger that runs at 8MHz and draws about 5mA at 2600 bytes/second of data input. Since that is too low for USB to work, I upload data files and set up tests by setting some EEPROM values in another sketch that runs at 48MHz for reliable USB connection. The problem is, that when I change then clock speed in one sketch, it is also changed in the other sketch window. Both sketches are open on the desktop at the same time. The second sketch is opened from the file menu of the first sketch.

    If I open two different instances of the Arduino (each using its own 207MB of memory), changing the tool menu in one window does not change it another, so that means that I can control the Teensy speeds separately.

    Is this behavior (Tool options global to Arduino instance, rather than local to the sketch) the designed behavior or could it be changed in a new TeensyDuino version?

    Now that I know the clock speed is tied to the Arduino instance, I can cope, but it was confusing when my configuration and upload program would not connect to USB because it had been changed to 8MHz clock when I wasn't looking.

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    As indicated tool and board settings for each instance of the IDE are shared. It takes a unique instance to have the IDE maintain unique settings.

    Not indicated which Teensy is in use? If a Teensy 4.0 the clock speed could be set at runtime, not so for the others.

    Also if this on Windows I have a that allows using Command line or editor that can run Windows Batch files to maintain the settings for the T_4 and T_3/LC family. It runs independent of the IDE - but actually invokes the full IDE build process from the command line requiring nothing but the normal IDE and TeensyDuino install - and TyCommander invoked from command line improves the process as it provides SerMon without having the IDE open - confusion over the button and HEX file naming.

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