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Thread: Teensy 4.0 + RA8875

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    UPDATE: Just merged the getTextBound changes into the RA8875_t4 branch and @KurtE updated the ILI_Ada_FontTest4.ino sketch to demo the ability to draw rectangles around internal fonts from the RA8875: for the latest changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImpulseAdventure View Post
    I believe there are two steps that may have been overlooked in your setup:

    1) From your screenshot, Mike’s mjs513/RA8875 (RA8875_t4 branch) doesnt appears to be in your Arduino/libraries folder. Please download the zip from his repository, and unzip it into your Arduino libraries folder. Download from here:

    2) From the pastebin error log, it appears that the original RA8875 library still exists in your “hardware” folder. This may conflict with Mike’s library so please cut and paste that folder to somewhere else like your desktop: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\RA8875
    Well that was quite a stupid mistake, anyway, it works now, so thank you very much, I'll keep following this forum for updates and the like.

    Meanwhile, I do have some questions:
    1. GUISlice exports an ino file, but my teensy will do way and way more than just power and have some nice graphics on a screen, is there some way to export it and then have this included as header, or would you suggest to just generate the ino file, then from that copying over the functionality so to say, and then in another "main" file, call these functions that do specific things on the screen, e.g. have a function that updates "temperature" to 200, and then in another class/file whatever it'll find this tag, and update it rather than in the main function direclty.

    2. This somewhat relates to above question, but I will likely work with multiple GUI's as "pages", and using a button, rotary or another user input (not touchscreen) to scroll through these pages to show different types of pages. How exactly does this work currently, or what is the best way of approaching a multi-page GUI?

    3. Does GUISlicer allow for rescaling of bmp images? I saw that I couldn't edit the size, and also it didn't allow for placement sub 10 on both x and y?

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    @ ThijmenL - Glad you have it working.

    As for the GUISlicer specific stuff - Not sure where the best place is to get those questions answered. Here? Or does he have another forum he/they prefer? Or Github Issues?

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    Great to hear it is working!

    As KurtE suggests, it would be best to post your GUI-related questions in the GUIslice repo and I would be happy to answer them there.

    I will likely followup in this thread to post any updates regarding the progress integrating the latest T4 lib changes for the fonts.


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    Hey guys, been a while.

    So there are also manufacturer processing boards that are used in different applications that have the imxrt1062 chip on there as well, similar to the Teensy 4.0
    Do you think it's just as easy to get GUISlicer to work for boards like these, or does this work completely differently?

    Examples of those boards are (first 4 i could find when googling the chip):
    i.MX RT1060 Evaluation Kit from NXP
    STM32F769I-DISCO from STMicroelectronics
    NUCLEO-F746ZG from STMicroelectronics
    iMX RT1062 OEM from EmbeddedArtists

    As a Teensy is still a sort of test-benching/prototyping tool, and of course not built, but still usable, for industrial applications.

    Kind regards,

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    No idea.

    Again for usage of GUISlicer - I would suggest discussing it on their github or the like.

    For information on specific non-teensy related questions, probably best to ask on forums or the like that are specific to those boards.

    As for Teensy and Industrial, I would guess there are lots of different products, where the developers made their own boards which the teensy plugs (or solders) into their board, that is specific to their own purpose. I often do this for my own usage, which is just for my own fun.

    Others have designed their own boards using the Teensy design, with the appropriate processor chip and the bootloader chip from PJRC, to build their own boards. I don't think that is fully doable yet with T4 as there is currently stuff needed to pre-initialize the processor. At some point, hopefully in the near future, I believe there will be a new version of the firmware that can setup a virgin IMXRT chip... Not sure when that will be released.

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