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Thread: Teensyduino 1.51 Beta #1

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    Thank you so much! This feature exists since 2016 and I was not aware of it. Should sometimes re-read the manual. Sorry to have caused confusion.

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    Hi Paul, when will USB Audio be available for Teensy 4.0?

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    When is this version going to get released?

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    IDE 1.8.12 was forced out quickly without warning after issues with 1.8.11 - by surprise and no usual warning. It seems Paul's on task with some hardware and such.

    He got this out in 4 hours on 2/13 - but the Beta release seems perfectly usable - and without reports of issues showing it is probably ready but that takes time and if something shows up after in Teensy or the IDE … that forces another sooner than expected release … so Paul's doing all the calculus on that.

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    I'm considering whether to release 1.51 now, as it is... or to merge a number of contributions and spend the next week on a couple widely requested features... which would require a couple more weeks of testing.

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    Hi Paul,
    it seems that all download links are broken, is this no longer available?

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