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Thread: Lost Serial port

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    Lost Serial port

    My Teensy 3.5 won't respond on Serial. In Arduino, it shows the serial port as hid#vid_16C0&pid_0478 Bootloader (Teensy 3.5). How do I get the serial port restored?

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    Upload a simple (known to work) sketch with usb-type set to serial.
    If it does not respond, press the button on the teensy.

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    "hid#vid_16C0&pid_0478 Bootloader"is what I see here when I press the a Teensy button to put the Teensy into bootloader mode.

    That button is not Reset - but rather takes the Teensy offline to bootloader where the PC will see that indication,

    repower/replug the Teensy and what shows up?

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    I did get the board responding again. I had to remove it from the PCB in order for it to recognize the serial port by loading a simple program. Once the simple program was loaded, I was able to re-install the main program. Oddly enough, most of the values stored in EEPROM were trashed.

    Thanks for the advise.

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