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Thread: Send microphone audio with bluetooth to headphones

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    Send microphone audio with bluetooth to headphones

    Hello, im reading a lot of post in the forum, but i havent find what i want..... Currently my team is using a microphone in a "sparkfun" board (i dont know the model) connected to a headphone using a 3.5mm jack, it have no control, it's connected directly, we heard in real time the microphone.... but........... we want to know if it would be possible to send this signal from the microphone through bluetooth directly to a headphone, and we are thinking on using a teensy...

    I just want to know if it is possible to do this, and if there is some documentation that someone may share with me.... if there is possible i would like to replace the sparkfun module just with a simple microphone connected to the teensy with a bluetooth module, and then the headphone connected with bluetooth just because we are looking for something small, we dont want to use big shields or big modules, we want to save space ...

    microphone-------teensy-------bluetooth module - - - - - - - - bluetooth headphone

    i hope someone can answer me or orientate me with this doub.

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    Well, why not just use off-the-shelf electronics? There are all kinds of bluetooth microphones and headphones if you search on Amazon.

    Is there some kind of signal processing that you are trying to accomplish?

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