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I'm working on an installation for which I need to use 3x RX/TX pins from the Teensy 4.0. Two of them go to FTDI converters that then connect to two Raspberry Pi, and one goes into an XBee RF controller.
On the Teensy 4.0 pin-out sheet I noticed the pins at RX2 and TX2 have an IN label on the TX, and an OUT label on the RX. (Same for the TX3/RX3). I've come to understand that TX is for transmitting (OUT) and RX for receiving (IN). So what are these labels for, can I still use the TX for transmitting and the RX for receiving or should I follow the IN/OUT labels. I'm designing a little breakout in Kicad that allows me to connect everything smoothly so would like to have this right

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