Hello, I am an EE student attending UIUC. I am in a group of 3. Our project proposal can be found here.

We want to have a 3.5mm audio jack input. Convert that input to mono sound. use passive analog filters to separate bass, mid, and tweet signals. Use the ADC to do its thing, and perform computations. Then, a level shifted 5V logic will be sent to data line of the three LED strips and they will light up according to the music. That's pretty much the high level of the project.

A requirement of the class is create our own PCB. Our demo is sometime in early May I think.

I've been doing a lot of research on how to sample audio. I know that we are shooting for 44.1kHz (following the Nyquist freq rule). The reason we can't use an Arduino is because AnalogRead() on an Uno clocks in around 9.5kHz sampling rate. So we bought a nucleo-L432KC, but that board wasn't compatible with the FastLED library. After that I decided it was a good idea to read the FastLED documentation. I know, obvious, right? In the documentation I read that Teensy boards work very well with FastLED. So I purchased a Teensy 4.0.

And here I am.

So I am here to learn how to deal with audio on the Teensy 4.0 board (and anything else you wanna throw at me!). We would like to use the Arduino IDE, but I think I read that the AnalogRead() function has code that limits the sample freq of the ADC. Is this true?

Any advice or tips?