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Thread: connect the STONE display to the arduino

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    connect the STONE display to the arduino

    I have the STVA070WT-01 model module from
    Im testing with an arduino leonardo, or uno.
    I also have a max3232 rs232 serial to ttl adapter to connect the display to the arduino. Also havent looked up what pins to connect this to yet if anyone knows.
    I want know how to send a variable to the screen to display it.
    can have some one help me getting this stone hmi screen running?

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    So far I am not seeing any PJRC product or library involved?

    Edit: But in general you would need to setup the USB to serial adapter to the IO pins of your board. The TX output of your adapter to the Serial ports RX pin, and the RX of adapter to TX pin. Plus you need a ground wire.

    You will need probably external power for your display.
    On UNO you talk to pins 0, 1 using the object Serial. I don't remember on Leonardo if it is Serial or Serial1, but I believe it is like the Teensy boards where Serial is the USB and Serial1 is the Hardware uart.

    So you would need to do something like:
    \\ probably in setup. 
    \\ anywhere in your code after begin called. 
    Serial1.print("Hello display");

    BUT I did not look at specs of your display to know what BAUD rate you need to use, I show 9600.
    Nor how to control your display. Things like init codes. Or how to move the cursor. Or if you can do graphics...
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    Thank you for your reply.I don't quite follow you. Here you turn on the parameters for the product. I learned about it I need instructions. I have to go back to study.

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