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Thread: In ST7735_t3 : tft.Print and tft.Println do not print spaces

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    Good afternoon - The Adafruit display should work with previously defined tab color: tft.initR(INITR_MINI160x80);
    I don't believe theirs is an S... Could be wrong. But fingers crossed should be the same as before... I thought I had one around here, earlier, but don't see it right now, new one should arrive with my Mouser order.

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    Good Evening
    Yep you are right the Adafruit display works fine with the tft.initR(INITR_MINI160x80); initialization

    What is curious about the display is the datasheet for the display shows a ST7735S? (

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    Good Evening,

    Maybe it also is an S display, but they definitely configured it differently. So will keep fingers crossed that most of them follow one or the other...

    EDIT: Tomorrow or so the new Adafruit display 160x80 will arrive. So of course the one I thought I already had... I just found And looks like it works, the same as yours.

    So looks like I should organize some of my junk! It was buried in my sensors box and not in the displays box. Probably should organize this a lot more!
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    To update the issues that I originally posted case someone is coming across this thread...

    Regarding a .96 80X160 screen like this one (I mention this because different screens are used in the thread).

    Using ST7735_t3 that can be installed using Teensyduino 1.53 and choosing: tft.initR(INITR_MINI160x80_ST7735S); the issues that I mentioned in my OP are fixed. That option was not available before and results in a modified command set in ST7735_t3. I did not test everything outside of the issues mentioned.

    Even the colors do not need to be #defined as inversion is correctly set. I note that CASET and RASET are set to slightly different values that I had kludged, but they seem to work fine suggesting that I don't completely understand CASET and RASET

    Good Deal!

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