Further to the Serial Debugging Features in Visual Micro, there is now full support for all Teensy USB Types (MIDI, Audio, Keyboard etc...) for use with both the Monitor, and all Serial Debugging tools.

Using the Virtual Serial port is the same as with any other COM port, and boards are listed by their USB Identifier in the drop down list along with all standard Serial Devices.

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All features of the Serial Debugger are available for all Teensy USB Types:-
  • Step by Step execution using breakpoints
  • Performance Monitoring for execution time between breakpoints
  • Conditional breakpoints (based on data or hit count)
  • Variable monitoring with automatic min/max tracking
  • Change variables at runtime
  • Automatic Visual Pin monitoring
  • Easy to use Charting (for any data)

Further Information and Video Examples of the Serial Debugger in action are below:
Visual Micro VS Extension Website

@Plot Charting Further Info

Video of Teensy Install + Basic Serial Debugging in Action

Video of @Plot Charts with Serial Debugger (works the same on Teensy)