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Thread: Replacing libopencm3 functionality

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    Replacing libopencm3 functionality

    This summer, we will employ two students to fiddle around a bit with some Teensy 3.6 boards, and use those to experiment with the proposed post quantum key exchange and signature schemes. There already exists a library (pqm4) for the Cortex M4 processor. However, the library is using libopencm3 for hardware abstraction.

    Being nearly illiterate on both Arduino and hardware in general: how much hassle should I expect in order to replace the dependency on libopencm3?

    My initial research shows that libopencm3 is mainly used in a single file,, and to lesser extent to generate randomness and configure each candidate implementation.

    A colleague more slightly knowledgeable than me has assessed that most of this functionality ("blinking a led, send text on UART, and similar") should be available in Arduino. Do you agree, and furthermore: do you have any pointers to where I should look next to port the pqm4 library from STM32F4 to Teensy 3.6?

    I realise that these questions may seem a little vague. The purpose is to make everything a little less vague for me now, so that the students can spend their summer well. I'm happy to do my homework as long as I am pointed in the right direction.

    (A silly bonus question: If I buy the Teensy 3.6 board and a USB cable: am I set to start working, or is there anything else I should get in addition?)
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