I have an idea for a project. I have a cheap turntable sittin around that someone gave me, the needle doesnt have enough pressure to use for djing. I also have a 3d printer plus some affinity designing parts.

My idea: 3d print a tonearm which isnt a tonearm at all but just a mount for an encoder, to capture the motion of the record into a direct midi message. This should overcome the shortcoming of the tonearm and give anyone the opportunity to potentially use cheap turntables for djing.

The big question is how to make the code. I'm not an expert in coding these scripts but i dabble and am computer literate enough that if I had some resources to go off and some example scripts I can maybe cobble something together if its not too much rocket science.

So if someone who has fiddled around with jog wheel scripts could provide a little feedback on whether this is feasible and some direction, I can whip up a nice little instructable with a script and the files for the prints so we can give these turntables some use.