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Thread: Press Brake Controller

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    Press Brake Controller

    I started a project using the Teensy 3.6 to control a Press Brake machine. The design can however be used for many applications as I designed it as generic as possible.

    The Controller has the following functions:

    1) Teensy 3.6
    2) 4D systems 7.0" display (could be any serial display)
    3) 24v Input voltage.
    4) 1 x Rs485 channel
    5) 3 x 0 to 10V PWM analog signals ( galvanic isolated) used to drive VFD's
    6) 3 x Step/Dir channels for stepper drives
    7) 3 x Encoder / glass scale input channels (TTL and differential)
    8) 8 x Open Collector output drivers specifically for operating automotive or relay loads
    9) 8 x optically isolated inputs

    I just received the PCB's so once they have been built up and tested I will report back.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I forgot, it also has an I2C expansion port for another 16 I/O's

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