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Thread: Any solutions to program teensy 4.0 wirelessly?

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    Any solutions to program teensy 4.0 wirelessly?

    Exactly that:
    Are there any solutions to program the teensy 4.0 wirelessly?

    I have a battery powered prop that will be inside of a case that will be very difficult to program again and again during development phase. I have seen somewhere someone was programming an arduino board wirelessly. Is there a solution for this?

    Can I use something like a wireless usb system?"

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    As you already bumped one of the other threads, there is probably not much to add here.

    One way is to have the Teensy plugged into an RPI and then setup a wireless connection to the RPI, and either run Arduino on the RPI or simply download the executable to the RPI and use a CLI command to program the Teensy...

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