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Thread: Wireless gaming mouse

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    Wireless gaming mouse

    Hello everyone i have an question can i make with a teensy and a Bluetooth reciever my gaming Mouse Wireless or IT IS possible on Others ways with a teensy and know anybody how ?

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    Currently only the Teensy 3.6 or Teensy 4 has the direct ability to connect up a USB Host connector and talk to USB devices through the second USB port. On T3.6 that is through the 5 pin header, which are inside of the outside pins starting at about pins 1,2... T4 there are two pads on bottom, that I have used pogo pins and or others have made some castellated adapters to solder on. Or hopefully in the not too distant future T4.1 which should have pins that are the same or similar to T3.6...

    With the above you can use the USBHost_t36 library to connect up a Bluetooth adapter and hopefully connect up to your mouse and/or you can plug in many/most mice in by USB... There are a few different threads on which devices we have tried, including:

    Note: There are some mice which I have not gotten to work yet as they go to much more complicated Bluetooth protocol which we have not tried to reverse engineer yet.

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