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Thread: Can Teensy work as USB host, connect directly to synthesizer's USB in (Type B) port?

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    Can Teensy work as USB host, connect directly to synthesizer's USB in (Type B) port?

    Hi - Can a Teensy (got a 3.6, 4.0, and LE on hand - any of them but ideally the LE or a 4.0) connect to a synth directly over USB without a computer or other intermediary, or conversion to DIN serial first? I understand the lack of USB MIDI host in this situation presents a problem, but perhaps there are workarounds?

    I'm building Bluetooth wireless into a MIDI controller and accompanying receiver module. This is my second attempt at wireless MIDI, the first used RFM69 and didn't perform as well as expected. I've seen through lots of testing that a direct USB connection to the controller works best, then serial MIDI is usable but not quite as good, and then wireless is just barely OK.

    MIDI-protocol data itself is independent of the physical medium over which it is transmitted, so I'd like to preserve as much of my initial data-generating speed as I can. Bluetooth will solve most of my problems but I'm still losing some fidelity by slowing it down to 31250 baud.

    Thanks for any input and I apologize if this has been answered before, I looked but wasn't finding anything I was sure fit my use case.

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    I've been using this for quite some time with the Teesy 3.6, and more recently with the 4.0 with great success


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    Lo and behold... there it is. Thanks!

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