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Thread: Teensy 4.0 librarys

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    Teensy 4.0 librarys

    Hey guys,

    as I recognized there is no information about Teensy 4.0 librarys on pjrc...
    Did I just not find them or is there really no documentation concerning these librarys? to understand me better threre´s a link for the wire library (and just examples/pinouts/... for teensys 2-3.x)

    Are these documentations probably gonna be published on this next time? Or is there any information concerning 4.0 librarys on another page?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Many if not most, and all core bus libraries - especially Wire (master) - have working T_4.0 support. And the examples should work like they do for T_3.2, T_LC or 3.5 and 3.6 in spite of missing details for those ARM processors on some pages.

    They work with the pins as indicated on the T_4.0 card for the indicated - SDA/SCL pins 0/1/2 as indicated for Wire/Wire1/Wire2 pins.

    Other notes and details for other libraries may show up in a forum thread search. If something needed is found to not work with the latest TD 1.51 or in progress Beta 1.52 please post.

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    Note: there are some libraries that may be still missing some functionality and/or other libraries developed by other people which may not be converted yet to T4.

    Examples: with Wire (I2C), I am not sure if slave mode of the Wire library has been implemented yet. Likewise I don't think that the i2c_t3 library has been converted to work with T4.

    But it is very possible I missed seeing when either of these two things were done.

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    Here a good summary about I2C, the related libraries and their T4 status from MichaelMeissner Maybe that helps...

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    Sorry, almost all the library pages still haven't been updated, even though nearly all the libraries have been ported. I keep falling behind on trying to do too many things, and the website documentation always seem to be the part most neglected.

    When we release 1.52, I definitely need to do much more on the website. Several of the remaining popular libraries & features for Teensy 3.x that weren't working in 1.51 are now working in 1.52-beta1. The website updates will be simpler, since 1.52 completely

    Wire works great for master mode on Teensy 4.0. So far slave mode isn't supported.

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