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Thread: i2s microphone from (rasp pi) google voice hat ??

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    i2s microphone from (rasp pi) google voice hat ??

    Maybe a possibility?
    I have a stereo mic from a google voice hat. I have never used the mic, I used the hat as a sound card only. (It came as a freebee in a magazine!)
    I wonder about the feasibility of connecting the mic to my T4 audio project sometime. It also maybe something where others may have an interest?

    The microphone unit is a separate plug in unit. see schematics from google:-

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It looks like it could attach directly to pins 3,4,5 of the Teensy 4. I haven't a clue where it would connect in software.

    Tell me if I am crazy?

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    I'm not a fan of that particular microphone as it violates the I2S timing specifications. See:
    Instead, I'd go with something from InvenSense.

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    Thanks for the warning. Better to spend a few pounds than mess with it.

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