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Thread: Broken on Mac: both Teensyduino and Arduino + Teensy

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    Broken on Mac: both Teensyduino and Arduino + Teensy

    This is a MacBook Pro running macOS High Sierra (10.13.6). The specific version is important.

    I'm using the Download page

    Download from the link "Macintosh OS Software (10.10 - 10.15)". This gives "". Unpack it to get "". Put that into /Applications and the Dock, and run it. It compiles OK, but cannot upload the sketch to my Teensy 4.0. I traced this to the fact that inside the app bundle, is built for a more recent version of Mac OS than I am running (even though my version is within the limits given in the link).

    Download from the link "Macintosh OS-X Installer (10.7 - 10.14)". This gives a .dmg containing an installer that modifies an existing to know about Teensy boards. It works initially, including uploading sketch to board, but then starts crashing immediately, before displaying the splash screen. Re-run and it crashes again. And again. And again. Rebooting the laptop does not help. Disconnecting the USB to the board does not help. It seems the app bundle gets corrupted, or some essential data it uses during startup.

    There does seem to be a workaround: copy from inside the second into the first (they are at different places in the file tree). now works, can upload sketches, and does not crash upon startup.

    Since the first download has "Catalina" in its name, I'm guessing that it probably works OK on that version of Mac OS. But as downloaded, NEITHER works for me, on maOS High Sierra (10.13.6).

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    Had to do the same thing here on my 10.13.6 MacBook Pro Mid 2012.

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    Yes, it was built on 10.14. I tested it here on 10.12, and I've heard confirmation from others that it does run on 10.10 and 10.11.

    Looks like this problem is specific to 10.13. Why, I do not know. Looks like we need to update the web page info about which systems it supports.

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