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Thread: Teensyduino 1.51 - no communication to X-Plane

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    Teensyduino 1.51 - no communication to X-Plane

    My own project and also the example projects fail to communicate with X-Plane.
    I think, the problem began with an update to Teensyduino 1.50 or 1.51

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    Feels like this is a duplicate of your thread:

    And as I suggested in previous thread, it really helps people to help you to know additional information like, what controller, which Teensy(3.6 I think?)
    What version of Arduino code, what OS are you running on ...

    That you build using Visual Studio and Platform IO.

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    And it appears that there were lots of changes to the flightsim code for T3.x on Feb 2nd by @jbliesener

    I am not sure of all of the reasons for the changes and/or are there other requirements of other changes as well...

    You can always try the usb_flight sim files from the earlier release, like here are the ones from I think 1.49

    You can replace the two files in the teensy\avr\cores\teensy3 directory

    Edit: Also may be a good idea to look at the actual Pull request which I think started in 2017 and later added in the T4.

    But it mentions stuff about maybe needing new plug in???
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    I don't have any experience with GitHub.
    So, I plan to try a clean install on another machine.

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