I have a strange problem. I used to be able to run my Teensy 3.2 using Snooze.hibernate and have 56uA current draw (standalone).

After returning to my project after some time, when running standalone I get 9mA when doing Snooze.hibernate (roughly speaking same for deepSleep). I have tried various sample examples, same results every time ~9mA (https://github.com/duff2013/Snooze/t...ples/hibernate).

I am not sure what is happening, but I have noticed that the voltage at the 3.3V pin stays at 3.3 V when in hibernate (if I remember correctly it should drop to around 2.7V).
Is it possible, that the voltage regulator is not being partially powered down?

I was using this particular Teensy for other prototypes and am wondering if something might have happened. Having said that, otherwise, it looks to be working perfectly fine.

Do you have any ideas what I could try?

Thank you for your help.