Hi everybody.

I'm doing my best to dig up the "for dummies" wiring guide for dual rev. D audio shields on Teensy 4.0, but have only turned up ones for 3.x. Looking at Paul's audio lib source for quad input / output, I think these are the additional pins used?

Pin 6: 3&4 IN
pin 32: 3&4 OUT

Is this correct? Isn't pin 6 the SPI flash chip select on the audio shield?

If I want to use the one or both of the flash footprints on the audio shields, what are good alternate pins to use for chip selects? I have been trying to understand the IO MUX but am overwhelmed by the size and naming conventions in the datasheet.

In either case, whether I can find a way to use different pins for the chip selects or different pins for the chans 3&4 txd/rxd, will I have to modify library code in either SerialFlash and/or Audio libraries?