I'm making a PCB that would allow me to have 9 leds and choice of either potentiometers or rotary encoders or pushbuttons.
To be more specific, it's a board with 9 leds and 9 controls. I managed to stack the 3 footprints of each kind of control together so that I can use the same boards for different things. I don't want to make different boards.

So I would use the same PCB to make boards like: 9 leds + 9 potentiometers, or 9 leds + 9 rotary, or 9 leds + 9 pushbuttons.

Now I am not sure about how I connected everything. I used matrices to be able to fit everything, only because each rotary encoder requires 3 inputs (2 for the rotary and 1 for the switch). So to keep the same coding style I thought I would still do matrices for the leds, potentiometers and pushbuttons.

I will have to choose when I solder the boards if I use potentiometers or rotary encoders or pushbuttons because I'm guessing mixing them would not work properly.

Might be also useful to say, I will be using the internal pull ups.

I've made the schematics with Teensy 3.2, bu I'm guessing it should work the same with Teensy 4?

So important note: it's either potentiometers either rotary encoders either pushbuttons but never all 3 together (physically impossible on the PCB).

Here is the shcematics:
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So my big question is, will this work? Have I made any mistake like forgetting a resistor somewhere?

Thank you