Hi all, i just ordered a teensy audio shield rev D to run with a teensy 4, i have a input/output buffer circuit that works and ive been using it with a teensy 3.2 using the adc and dac for audio since i dont have an audio board yet.

With this in mind im also going to order a custom board with the buffer circuit, 9v to 5v regulator and a relay for true bypass.

This guitar processor will be fairly simple, i want to use it for acoustic gigs where all i need is some EQ some compression, reverb and a boost for solos, a octave down effect would be awesome but not required.

Aside from those another huge plus would be a looper where i can record a track of audio and it will loop forever

So im wondering can i record audio from the line in to the SPI flash or SRAM chips and loop it from either chip?

Which of those would be better for performance?

Is there another alternative with the 4.0 for recording direct audio that has better performance?

I figured i should go with the SRAM chip because at worst it could be used for delays and worst comes to worst i could just add a fooprint for it on my breakout board and maybe use both? Sram and flash memory