in my program for a Teensy 3.2 I see effects which I only can explain by errors in compiling/optimization.

Mainly there are two problems, both happen in an interrupt routine:
1) a function call is not executed
2) part of code is not executed

With problem 2 the program behaves differently if just compiling with a different optimize setting.

I have done a detailed analysis for both problems and have a test setup to reproduce the effects.

In the attachment there are all program files for a Teensy 3.2 and a detailled description of effects and a method to reproduce these effects
  • SpracheOregondec_Forum.zip, all program files
  • AnalysisOregonDecodeBehaviour-Forum.pdf, detailled description of effects and how to reproduce them

The data files to run the program can be copied from dropbox via the following links:

My configuration:
- Windows 10, 32 bit
- Arduino IDE 1.8.12 with latest Teensyduino
- Teensy 3.2

I hope that somebody takes the time to run the test program and convince himself that there really is a problem/error with compilation and/or optimization.