Hello everyone,

I hope you're doing great. I really like the idea of an ambilight and rocked a old Lightpack gen 1 for some years but I wanted to upgrade, which I did with an DIY solution.

First I used an Arduino Nano I had lying around with this code: https://github.com/dmadison/Adalight-FastLED

Combined with a 60LED/m WS2812B strip around my monitor which gives me a total of 130 LEDs. I did a quick sketch of the wiring with Fritzing:
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To actually control everything, I used the custom Prismatik version I used ever since I owned a Lightpack.

Problem is tho, I can't get a good FPS for controling the LEDs since the Baudrate is pretty much capped at 115200 and going higher introduced lot's of errors. (Atmega328P just can't handle more)

So I saw the Teensy by accident and just bought the new 4.0 one.

I hooked it up the same as I did with the Arduino Nano and used the same software, since it's supposed to be compatible right? I quickly found out, that I had to run FastLed in parrallel mode to make that work. And it did. In Prismatik I could use high Baudrates such as 500.000 and could easily run something like 70FPS+ without issues.

1. But then somehow randomly after a few minutes up to a few hours it just stops working altogether. I had different Teensy fails:

- All LEDs turn dark except the first one, which is then stuck at green
- All LEDs turn dark except the first 28 which are stuck to the last color they were supposed to show
- All LEDs turn dark

The above happens with Screen grabbing but also in one color mode.

2. Contuining after that:

- Restarting Prismatik => Did not fix the issue
- Restarting Teensy => Did not fix the issue, it returns to the fail state from above
- Restarting everything altogether => Did not fix the issue

3. What did fix the issue: I had to recompile the program with Arduino IDE and upload it again to the Teensy => Everything works again

...right until it crashes down and goes back to 1. again.

I checked for shorts but couldn't find any. And I really have no idea why that happens. Is it possible that I have a faulty Teensy or is that FastLED lib just not working right on the Teensy?

In Arduino (+ Teensyduino) I use standard settings, so no OC. Teensy is purely hooked up to PC. LED powerline is separate only sharing ground (5V 10A capable Power supply). I do not have any of those issue with the Nano which ran for around a week until I tried the Teensy.

The code for the Teensy is the same as from the github link above, I just changed FastLED.addLeds to use parallel output
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While "NUM_STRIPS" equals 1 defined above.

Sorry for the long text but thank you for reading it through. If someone has ideas or solutions, that would be greatly appreciated.