I am making great progress on what I call my Teensy MIDI 2-voice 12-poly synth, which allows the use of multiple simultaneous waveform generators (high compliments to Paul & everyone else who helped to develop these awesome capabilities). It also includes modulation (via LFO), filtering (w/ LFO) , & envelope capabilities, but these are not pertinent to my actual question.

As part of the design, I make use of a DC generator input into one of the mixers to act as a "fine tuning" input to the waveformMod generators used for all of the waveforms. This works great & allows tuning this simple synth to real world instruments (piano, etc.). I have recently included an additional string device to each voice, but there does not seem to be any way to make use of the previously described "fine tuning" input for the strings.

[SUGGESTION] Would it be possible (& does it even make sense) to add a tuning (or possibly modulation) input to the string generator ?? I was just reading another post where the string instrument is anticipated to be particularly difficult to mod with some of its hard-coding of sample rate, etc. so I'm not sure if this is even possible.

Thanks for your consideration.

Mark J Culross