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Thread: pins 24 and 25 Teensy LC

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    pins 24 and 25 Teensy LC

    According to pins 24 and 25 can be Serial1.
    But does not show pins 24 and 25. I do see a pin 26.


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    To add to PhilB's info:
    The images here show the back of the board as well.
    Putting that info together with info from the datasheet gives this:
    Pin 24 A10 PTE20 UART0-TX
    Pin 25 A11 PTE21 UART0-RX
    The port (PTE) numbers together with the datasheet show that this configuration is covered by ALT4, would allow you to configure those pins to be Serial1. I haven't played with configuring pins for a few years and maybe there's an easier way to do it now. Maybe someone else can chip in.


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    Reading the code suggests the PJRC source for serial_set_rx() and serial_set_tx() are set up to accept changes to use those pins as alternates for Serial1 on T_LC.

    Also pins #3&4 - that are marked as 'ALT' but also #24&25 are there in the code - though not marked on the card.

    Those are in : ..\hardware\teensy\avr\cores\teensy3\serial1.c
    Lines ~247 and ~287 under "#if defined(KINETISL)"

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