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Thread: please help with i2s mems mic into audio library

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    please help with mic board into audio library


    I want to use a single Adafruit SPH0645 mems mic board into the audio library on my Teensy 4 and managed to get it working, but only with i2s_quad with the following code:

    AudioInputI2SQuad         i2s_quad1;
    AudioAnalyzeNoteFrequency notefreq1;
    AudioConnection           patchCord1(i2s_quad1, 0, notefreq1, 0);
    Is it possible to run this mic board also through i2s or i2sslave? Reason is that I am running out of pins and would like to make use of pin A9 for analogReads as A9 is not wired to the mic board. I hope there is some way to free A9 from running MCLK1...?
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