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Thread: Wanted: one-way HID-over-UDP/IP solution ?

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    Wanted: one-way HID-over-UDP/IP solution ?

    I'd like to try to set up - with a Teensy, if that's sensible - a fixed function "HID-over-UDP/IP" device like this:

    a) fixed IP
    b) receive (one-way) UDP/IP traffic on a single fixed port
    c) trigger interrupt whenever receiving a UDP packet, update a small lookup table

    I will also need to use USB, either as a host for another USB device (pushing US Raw HID), or as a device attached to a host (polled as HID input device).

    Either way, having two working USB ports - one for serial debug, the other for one of the above - would be a bonus.

    If running as USB device attached to a host, responding w/ interrupt on polling would be ideal.
    Being also powered by host would be a bonus.

    Neither incoming UDP traffic nor USB updates would occur more often than 1000x/second (and could be done at half that rate).

    I found references for a number of ethernet shields in the forums and elsewhere, but never having done this on Teensy / other Arduino I could use some pointers re: what's a good part I could source today (and where should I source it), esp. if there's something already used in a recently published project?
    Also, which Teensy variant would be best for this?

    If for some reason Teensy is not a good choice for this, pls elaborate.


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    Some updates:
    - I would use a Teensy 3.6 w/ its 2nd USB port connected to the USB host I am responding to w/HID / the USB device I am sending Raw HID
    - for now, using the additional USB device and Raw HID
    - I cannot use USB-Ethernet adapters out of the box - see
    - still could use a recommendation for an RJ45 Ethernet shield for Teensy 3.6

    - use an RPi0 for incoming UDP, push to Teensy also using USB, Raw HID

    I found some Arduino class boards that have 1-2 USB and RJ45 out of the box, but it is not clear how out-of-the-box the IDE support is for my purpose, and some (Yun) appear to be end of life.

    I am confident the USB side will work out either way, it is the Teensy 3.6 UDP solution that has the question mark.

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