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Thread: teensy 3.6 power from usb-hub

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    teensy 3.6 power from usb-hub

    hi there,

    i have a teensy 3.6 and a usb-hub that supports MMT: that i want to use for a usb-midi application.

    the uugear hub supports feeding power back to the host, in this case the teensy. is it safe to simply connect the 5v from the 5pin connector of the teensy to the 5v input of the teensy? it seems the host power pin can be switched by software. or is it better to splice up the 5pin connector and connect 5v to the 5v input of teensy directly and leave the 5v host pin unconnected? as i said power will be coming from the hub to the teensy.

    cheers for any hints.

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    The 5v pin on the 5-pin USB Host connector is connected to the output USB current limit switch on the Teensy 3.6. You'll need to splice the connector and feed the 5v from the hub to the VUSB pin on the Teensy to power it.

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    thanks, will do that!

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    follow up question:

    if i send midi data from the teensy via host-port to a device connected to the hub (all working, yes!) what is the recommended way to make this as fast as possible?

    for usb-device port there is this function: usbMIDI.send_now()

    is there something similar for usb-host midi sending?

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