Hello, I really appreciate everyone that helps us inexperienced programmers on here. I'm starting a project using a 3.6 and I have no code yet because I'd like to hear any input on where to start and maybe see other projects/threads that would help me get off the ground. I have had no luck so far finding any projects on here like what I'm starting.
My project is a 3 phase power meter that will be sampling 6 sine waves using ADC0. From what I have learned so far is to use freqmeasure to continuously capture the time between rising edges of the digital sync pin and use that period to set the pdb to trigger the adc channel linking 128 times(size buffer) per cycle. I would like to store each channels result to a buffer for math to be done once all buffers are filled. i.e RMS, power etc.

Thank you for taking your time, any help guidance would be greatly appreciated.