First aduino ide
To download Teensyduino
On Linux, you need to save the following link as "49-teensy.rules"
Sudo cp 49 - teensy. Rules/etc/udev/rules/d
Problem 1
TeensyduinoInstall. Don't work on
Chmod +x doesn't work either: which know issues mentioned
Linux:By default,The TeensyduinoInstall. Linux32 and TeensyduinoInstall. On files will not have execute permission enabled the when saved by most web browsers. Use a file manager or type "chmod 755TeensyduinoInstall. Linux32 "in a terminal to make the file executable. Then you can run it. In a terminal, type".. / TeensyduinoInstall linux32 "Replace" 32 "with" 64 "if using the 64 - bit version,Or "arm" if using the arm (Raspberry Pi) version.
You can simply
Chmod 755 TeensyduinoInstall. On
Then. / TeensyduinoInstall. On it
Problem # 2 could not click next
Solution: need to select the auduino ide installation path