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Thread: T4.1 ethernet and usb host pin alignments/dimensions

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    I assume you are referring to one of the two ethernet breakout boards I put on OSHPark though it's not clear which one. The alignment is to follow the teensy pin alignment with the goal of being able to mount it directly on the teensy. Somewhere I mention that probably is unstable.

    If you can do better, you really should. Awaiting your contribution.
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    PhilB i do Apologize for the harshness, i was never i dainty person. i guess i do owe you some explanation of my review .

    Yes i am referring to the smaller width board of the two.

    What i was referring to was the off set of the Ethernet/USB board to the Teensy board. in my OCD view, (ha, ha) the right side of the breakout board is lined up but the left side has the breakout board sticking way out. to remedy this i shifted the Ethernet/USB pins to the left to center it on the Teensy as to have both side overhang the same. i also shifted the entire Ethernet/USB housing towards the back of the board so to have less overhang on the front of the breakout board..
    i also adjusted the tolerance on the differential pairs to be closer to each other. the last thing i did was get rid of the spoke connections with solid connections to the ground plane.

    given i shifted the pins, it left room for the bottom silk screen to be moved to the top. of course i left the Ethernet silk screen in place on the bottom.

    your design was very good indeed, all i did was tweek it a little that's all. one question i did have was for the external 5 volt connections. i was thinking of moving them to the left of the Ethernet pins to bring the entire unit farther to the back which will shorten the board up a little but that is nether here nor there. once the board it attached all it takes is a switch connection to the Vusb so i can still have power when the external was removed. also i planned on using right angle pins for the from have anyways so no harm there.


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