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Thread: Web site could use a few updates :)

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    p#32 - Windows Perf Issues? Without a specific case - and not knowing a single cause ... perhaps link the doc to the posts here on this thread in case they lead to a solution

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    Added under "Other Libraries".

    Quote Originally Posted by boxxofrobots View Post
    When will audioEffectRectifier be added to the ASD tool?
    Added some time ago...

    Quote Originally Posted by kd5rxt-mark View Post
    I've made some preliminary screen captures from Windows Defender as requested.
    I've put these instructions and 6 screenshots on the download page.

    Thanks for taking the time to make these screenshots! I really appreciate help with Windows stuff, as I mostly use Linux and occasionally Macintosh.

    Quote Originally Posted by kd5rxt-mark View Post
    Just to be safe, it would probably be best to add both methods/changes to the webpage !!
    I'd be happy to add this too, but I'm really depending on feedback from Windows experts. If anyone wants to contribute screenshots and specific instructions for this alternate approach, please do so and I'll add them to the web page.

    Quote Originally Posted by KurtE View Post
    Also related: The USB Host adapter cable:
    Should be updated to say that this works on T4.1 as well.
    Updated to state Teensy 4.1 compatibility, and explain bottom side pads on Teensy 4.0.

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