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Thread: "Blind spots" when sampling analog signal with Teensy 4.0

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    On the data sheet for i.MX RT1060 family, table 55 (page 64) includes a line that says the Effective Number of Bits in 12 bit mode is typically 10.7, and a minimum of 10.1.
    Also, the Integral Nonlinearity is given as 2.78 bits typical, with no maximum.

    This NXP appnote defines the terms:

    I believe that an integral nonlinearity > 1 means there will be missing codes, and the ENOB < 12 makes this interpretation likely to be correct.

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    I normally run with 12-bit resolution capturing a synchronized pair in both the T4.1 sonar and T4.0 hearing aid projects. Just for kicks, I lowered the resolution to 10 and 8 bits and got the appropriate values each time using the same input signal. However, trying 14 and 16 bit resolutions gave the same values as the 12-bit setting.

    Using the latest TyTool, pre-V0.9.1, solved all the hung uploads, resets, and partial printing problems.

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