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Thread: Removing audio tool references to <SD.h> and <SerialFlash.h>

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    Removing audio tool references to <SD.h> and <SerialFlash.h>

    Right now SD.h and SerialFlash.h are always included in the generated audio code. I've modified the GUI javascript to include a "headers" field in the node definitions so that they are only included if one of the matching nodes exists. I'm not very familiar with the Audio library, is there any reason I'm unaware of that this would break things? (I know they are in some of the source files as well, that's the next step assuming this approach seems valid.)

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    The plan for Teensyduino 1.53 is to add a File base class in the core library, update SD, SdFat, SerialFlash and others inherit from it and use virtual methods, and update the audio library and other things that use files to accept any File reference.

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    Excellent. I'll keep an eye on the 1.53 thread and see if there's any way I can help out then.

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