So i have managed, with a lot of work (which shouldnt be required!) to get the basic Kris Winer MPU9250 code running on a 3.2, but i have no idea how! I had to change line 319 : if (c == 0x71) to if (c == 0xFF).
My question is, is this the right way to make it work? The outputs are all over the place, so im worried this is incorrect. If wrong, how do i do it correctly please?

If i leave the address as 0x71, i get the dreded: MPU9250 I AM FF I should be 71
Could not connect to MPU9250: 0xFF

I have 3.5v on SDA and SCL, runs with or without pullup resistors, and tried ado to GND and Pin 9 3.5v . Using 3v pin on T3.2

My overall goal is to 1. connect to MpU9250, 2. auto calibrate ( next problem!), and 3, Drive 3x servos from this on a t3.2

Any help greatly appreciated, as fairly new to Arduino, let alone teensy!