I plan to use an array of six GY530/VL53L0X 'Time of Flight' sensors for an autonomous robot project. The VL53L0X sensors use I2C for control, but also require a separate digital control line per sensor for I2C address initialization.

I would like to use a Teensy 3.x to manage the ToF sensors via a secondary I2C bus, and provide required status/distance data to the main robot controller via the main controller's I2C bus. In other words, the Teensy would act like a slave on the main controller's I2C bus, but as a master on the secondary I2C bus talking to the ToF sensors. Here's a possible schematic layout:
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Before I get too far down this rabbit hole, I wanted to touch base here to make sure this sort of dual master/slave configuration was allowable. I looked through nox771's fine 'Enhanced I2C library for Teensy 3.x & LC devices' and it looks very promising, but it didn't seem to directly address this configuration.

Any thoughts?