I am working on a custom spectrum analyzer using some LED strips and a Teensy 3.2, but I am having trouble getting the code working. I have wired the audio input exactly like the github example image shows, and looking at the input waveform on my scope shows a nice sine wave with peaks at about 0.9V and 0.1V when using a wave generator from my phones aux jack. When flashing the teensy with either the FFT or the SpectrumAnalyzer examples provided with the Audio library however, I get 0.00s (or --) across the board. I have done a test ADC read just by using AnalogRead and it is definitely working, but for some reason I can't get the supplied example code to read any audio input. I have tried changing "const int myInput = AUDIO_INPUT_LINEIN;" to A2 as well as just 16, but it still doesn't read anything. Is there something I am missing?