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Thread: Teensy LC USB MIDI and Windows 7

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    Teensy LC USB MIDI and Windows 7

    Hi guys, I have a user that is not able to use my device (using a teensy lc) on Windows 7; apparently MIDI communication is just not working with the default USB driver. It works fine on Windows 10. Any idea why this may be the case? Is there a USB MIDI driver that needs to be installed for Win 7?

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    Have you tried rebooting?

    With Serial there is a terribly confusing bug in Windows 7 triggered by programming Teensy (or unplugging the cable) while a program has the port open. The bug manifests as the port appearing properly when Teensy reconnects, but does not actually communicate. Microsoft fixed this in Windows 10.

    Maybe you're seeing something similar with MIDI. Leave Teensy connected to your PC and reboot. If MIDI magically starts working after the reboot, maybe the Windows 7 driver just got confused?

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