I am having a problema with trying to communicate two teensy 3.6 between them, while one of them is logging data to a microSD. The micro loggiong data is using the Sdfat.h library and I used the LowLatebncyLogging example from greiman. I have used i2c, with the i2c_t3.h library, and Serial1 to create the communication, but in both cases, when the micro that is logging reach the sample number 3069, this micro stops working (the another micro, which is sending a pair of PWM signals keeps working). The sampling period in the logging micro is 1 millisecond and each data block is filled with 1023 samples.

I have tried some debugging, and I found that the micro that is logging never finish writting the first block of data, and if I comment the code lines related to the communication with the other micro, the logging works fine.