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Thread: Teensy 4.1 Cannot access Internal SD card

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    Teensy 4.1 Cannot access Internal SD card

    I am an experienced Arduino user making the switch to Teensy and finding it painful. I recently got the full featured 4.1 with built in SD card, but can find no way to access it.

    Arduino's SD library won't work
    SdFat won't work
    Examples sketches from forums using older boards won't work

    My card is a brand new SanDisk 32 gig, formatted Fat32. My PC reads/writes it perfectly.

    Don't bother asking for my source code, it's all garbage anyway.

    What I need is a GREATLY SIMPLIFIED set of tested examples of how to:

    1. #include the SD library, where in the sketch, and which library actually works in 4.1

    2. Syntax for begin, including CS pin is any - is the CS pin now selected by the 4.1 board for SD?

    3. Syntax for exists and !exists

    4. Syntax for file establishment, file open and file close.

    Something on the order of the way books are written on Arduino would be wonderful.

    I have done all this successfully on Arduino MEGA and built substantial projects using SD, memories, etc., but
    cannot get to first base with Teensy.

    Please keep it simple.
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