I am looking for a way to capture, analyze, and time USB traffic for a few specific cases - measurement, not design.

Anybody using a Beagle 12 or 480 with Teensy as HID? Pros and cons?

My use cases, with analyzer(s) inserted on each <-->

USB Host <--> USB HID Device
USB Host <--> USB Raw HID device
USB Host <--> Teensy as HID / Raw HID
USB Host <--> Teensy HID | Host <--> USB HID Device
USB Host <--> Teensy Raw HID | Host <--> USB HID Device

The last two might happen at the same time (two physical connections to a Teensy, e.g. 41+LC combo)

My initial take was that
1) I will need two protocol analyzers
2) Beagle 12 would be sufficient for HID and Raw HID

Now Beagle USB analyzers come with digital I/O (4+4 pins), and there is some tailoring of software:


Beagle recommends a

USB 480 Power Protocol Analyzer - Ultimate Edition

claiming that
- the USB HID / Raw HID devices I target should run up to High-Speed USB 2.0 (480 MBps)
- Beagle USB 12 doesn't allow for triggering or USB class-level decoding

I don't need power analysis, stop capture triggers.
I'd like to have the digital I/O (to hook up to another Teensy that measures timings, starts capture).
I do need the human-readable class-level decoding.