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Thread: Quad channel audio input through USB on T3.6 or T4.1

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    Quad channel audio input through USB on T3.6 or T4.1


    I am starting a project to create a DJ controller currently using Teensy 3.6, it will act as a MIDI class compliant device, but will also act as a quad channel sound card, there will be a stereo output for speakers, and a stereo output for headphones.

    Therefore, I need quad channel audio to be supplied by the USB from a computer. From looking into the audio library for Teensy 3.6, it appears that only stereo audio in is possible by USB, is that correct?

    Is development being undertaken on Teensy 4.0/4.1 for quad channel audio over USB?

    I haven't started on any source code yet, I just wanted to understand what was possible before I do start

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    Yes, two channels USB, no, there are no plans for more channels.
    Good news: It's open source, so you can add the missing code

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    Maybe this thread can help?

    I might add more USB audio features in the future, but right now other things are a higher priority.

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