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Thread: How to use ethernet in Teensy 4.1

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    How to use ethernet in Teensy 4.1

    Hi, Everyone.

    I am trying send analog signal from ADC board --- Teensy 4.1 --- UDP --- PC.

    I understood how to connect the ethernet 6-pins and the ethernet socket.
    However, I am confused how to write code for the ethernet communication in teensy 4.1.
    Is there a library to write code for ethernet communication in Arduino IDE?

    Until Teensy 3~ 4.0 requires SPI communication for the ethernet module.
    My ADC board communicates to teensy 4.1 using SPI communication.
    In this case, should I use the ethernet with SPI 1 and the ADC board with SPI2 ?

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    If you have a ethernet socket already connected to the 6 pins then the fastest way to start using it is to use this wrapper library I made:

    It shares the same API as the old SPI Ethernet modules, the built in Ethernet on the 4.1 doesn’t use SPI so it doesn’t interfere with anything.

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