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Thread: openaudion_arduinoLibrary not useable on t4 t4.1

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    openaudion_arduinoLibrary not useable on t4 t4.1

    currently this library is not able to work with the teensy 4 and 4.1 it says no supported cpu speeds and there is no code for the t4 t4.1 in the code at all . Is there plans to update this library as we use it in our ham radio project and are looking to use the t4 and 4.1 where we can on diff boards

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    I am also using Chip Audette's F32 library. There are differences in the timing hardware for 4.x that are not supported, and are not the same as for T3.6, say. So, I suggest you use the PJRC teensy 16-bit input/output and then use Chip's AudioConvert_I16toF32 and AudioConvert_F32toI16, see This also allows you to use other CODEC options not included in Chip's F32 library.

    Still, the compiler won't be happy until you
    * Remove input_i2s_f32.h and .cpp
    * Remove output_i2s_f32.h and .cpp
    and because of need for simple fixes
    * Remove synth_pinknoise_f32.h and .cpp
    * Remove synth_whitenoise_f32.h and .cpp
    I think the rest will compile.

    The conversion blocks are fast and make intermixing of the float and integer stuff. I just posted an example with similar routines built in so that they would just look like 16-bit objects:

    If you are using an object from the F32 library, I would look it over and compare it with the similar file in the Tympan library, which may be more up-to-date. See

    I'm also curious as to your radio projects, as I have been fixing up some radio specific blocks for the F32 library with T3.6 and T4.x. These will be posted soon, I hope!

    Bob W7PUA

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    Hi folks,

    As usual, that version of my float32 library isn't updated very often as all of my active development is in the Tympan repo:

    The Tympan repo is also a float32 audio library. It's what my openaudio library turned into. Syntax is the same, just much more expanded and better maintained.

    Sadly, though, the Tympan library had not been updated for T4 yet, either. There is a branch of the Tympan_Library where I did a bunch of work (successfully) to make it T4 compatible. I did this when the T4.0 first came out, so who knows if that branch will still work. Sadly, it'll be another month or two before I'm back to work on T4.x compatibility as there are other Tympan fires to fight (higher order IIR filters!).

    If you do move over to the Tympan_Library, you get great features like ready-to-go FFT processing as Float32, which means that you can go into and out of the frequency domain cleanly, unlike with the int16 processing in the default teensy audio library. I've got a frequency domain formant shifter as part of the examples there.


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